A special Beach Party

The new year has begun in Brazil. Carnival is over, but the summer isn’t quite yet. Honestly, it never really is in large parts of the country, which is so huge and in its Northern part touches the Equator. If  summer is the season of  parties, music and festivals, the season does not need to ever be over, either, right?

In Brazil, you do not need a reason to party, you might rather need one for not being in the mood for a party, should that ever happen some day. To me it does sometimes, usually for no specific reason whatsoever. It does also happen to most of my really close Brazilian friends – but it simplyfies your life if you adapt to the local habit of inventing a reason why unfortunately you will miss this party instead of trying to explain you prefer to do something else… the latter is a time-consuming project and unlikely to receive much understanding.

When you are in the mood for a party, though, there is plenty of choice. Yesterday, there was a special one in Salvador, Bahia: a beach party with a marathon of music shows from a stage floating between the fisherman’s boats in front of the Porto da Barra – one of the most picturesque city beaches. From 12 noon until 2 am, several bands played giving examples of the huge variety of rhythms and melodies, from modern Axé to typical samba and traditional songs performed by regional bands and orchestras from the smaller villages in the interior rural areas of the state. The audience was sunbathing on the deckchairs, swimming or just drifting in the slow waves, in watching the performance on the stage in front of the panorama of the sea and the distant island while the sun was setting behind it. Later on, when the darkness took away the heat of the cloudless day and the almost full moon spread its white light over the scene coloured in yellow, pink and blue by the lights coming from the stage, they started to dance. Some on the sand, others in the crystal clear, warm water of the sea.

Well, maybe you do need a reason for not being in the mood for a party like this!



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3 responses to “A special Beach Party

  1. I wish I was there!

    I hear it all the time that we Brazilians always have a reason to party. I grew up in Brazil and lived there most of my life; to me, life was just normal, studying and working hard like everybody else. It took me a long time to notice our ability to enjoy life; it actually took leaving the country to see it from different eyes.

    Brazilians as a people have a high level of energy; they are joyful even in face of a hard life. The beach is a great example. We do not sit and read our books at the beach; we meet with friends, eat, drink, and chat until the moon lets us know that it might be time to go home.

    This is not to say that life is easy. Economic, social, and political problems are many. Poverty is incredibly painful. It is a gift to be able to celebrate life and enjoy the little things in the face of so much adversity.

    I look forward to more letters!

    • Luciana,

      I completely agree: it would be completely wrong assume the passion for parties, music and dance and the general mood of happiness (the typical “alegria”) mean an easy life for all. Many people in Brazil work much harder than in many other places I have seen in the world.
      Brazil to me is a country of contrasts, and this is one of them. Some of these contrasts make this country all the more interesting and fascinating; some are actually very sad and something the government and the society need to work on together.

      Be sure, a letter on this matter is on its way.

      Best wishes from Brazil

  2. There was yet another of the shows on the beach last saturday, with special participation of the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club. Wonderful music, a great show, beautiful surroundings… a perfect night out!

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