Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day – yes, from Brazil! I have said it in previous email; in Brazil, you do not need a reason to have a party… and when you have a motive, of course you won’t miss the opportunity! In today’s case, celebrate with the Irish.

Being one of the countries of the Americas, of the “New World”, where everyone but the indigenous people is an immigrant and brought the customs from their home country with them, Brazil has created a “culture of variety” celebrating just this cultural variety. Celebrating festivals imported from other countries as well as customs newly created in Brazil and dates that became important for the new country.

The “imported festival” most celebrated in Brazil is probably the “Oktoberfest”, which attracts thousands of visitors with a fable for beer to Blumenau, a small city in the South of Brazil. Blumenau prides itself of hosting the world’s biggest Oktoberfest after Munich Germany.

St Patrick’s Day does not quite reach this scale, but Irish Pubs all over the country are filling up tonight serving Irish Stew and – of course – Guinness.

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s city with the strongest Irish community and boasts the greatest number of Irish pubs and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. There are eclectic St. Paddy’s parties featuring local bands, Celtic music, green beer, and hearty food. And those who prefer certainly will get a Caipirinha as well – after all, lime is green, too, right?

With best wishes


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