Spring and Fall and other contrasts

Today is the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere; after this year’s winter has been exceptionally harsh, the first flowers are finally bringing some color back into Europe’s and  North America’s landscapes. Night and day divide today’s 24 hours equally and in the months to come, there will be more light than dark hours; something many are looking forward to.

In the Southern hemisphere, on the contrary, a hot summer with symptoms of the El Nino Phenomenon in South America is coming to an end. It is the beginning of Fall.

What does “Fall” mean to Brazil?

Somehting different in every region. In the very South, days get shorter and nights cooler. In the very North, the Amazon, practically on the Equator, there is hardly any difference between the seasons.

And in between, on the coast in the North-East, it is the beginning of the rainy season. After a long and dry summer, thick and dark clouds have been accumulating above the sea, and from the sunny beaches you could watch them waiting for their time to come. This weekend was overcast. Any time soon, the thick drops of tropical rains will fill the air and flood the roads, transform stairways into riverbeds and stop rushhour traffic in hot and humid mist. For about one month, people will wake up at dusk from the sound of water pouring down, as if the neighbours had left the shower running at full power, for an hour; then the sun will dry up the clouds, then the roads, and shine for a day of blue sky perfect for going to the beach.

Later, the rains will get more frequent, lose their regularity, until June will have days as grey and filled with soft but permanent rain as a London November day. These days will be warm though, too warm use a waterproof jacket, but warm emough to feel like summer as soon as the rain stops.

This is, perhaps, the secret: I have not researched statistics, but from observation, I believe that in most (coastal) parts of Brazil, it rains more than in Europe. That is how the land is so green. But as soon as the rain stops, the sun makes you forget it ever rained. Not a bad effect… just do not end up facing the hardest rains in rush-hour traffic and formal clothing, as neither the sewage systems nor umbrellas are up for it.

With best wishes


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